Supporting people with the mental aspects of physical activity, eating behaviour and weight management

Struggle with exercise?
Diets never stick?
Feel like you've tried everything?

You're not alone.

You likely know how to eat healthily and that physical activity is good for you. You know that doing these things will help with your mental and physical health.
But doing these things consistently isn't easy.

I’m Dr Paula Watson, a psychologist specialising in physical activity, eating behaviour and weight management.

You may be looking to break unhealthy habits, or perhaps you want to find enjoyment in movement, regain control of your eating or learn how to keep weight off in the long-term. Together we can explore what’s keeping you stuck, and discover ways to make gradual, sustainable changes that work for you, ensuring you feel good about yourself in the process.

My approach is different from the quick-fix mentality you’ll find in the weight-loss industry, where solutions are often short-term and rarely consider psychology. If the underlying reasons people struggle with eating or physical activity aren’t addressed, it’s only a matter of time before they fall back into old habits. 

You deserve better, and I’m here to help you do things differently. 

This is a free 20-minute Zoom call, no-obligation to take things further. 

Tell me what you’re looking for support with, ask questions and explore whether we might be a good fit. 

What is a healthy relationship with physical activity? 

  • Recognising every movement counts, however small
  • Focusing on personal goals, not comparison with others
  • Moving for enjoyment, free of pressure 
  • Having a life-long focus, rather than short-term bursts
  • Feeling in control of your exercise, not letting it control you
  • Feeling good about your body and what it can do

If this feels a world away for you right now, don’t worry.  Many people’s relationships with exercise have come from years of avoidance, difficult experiences, or external pressures – which might even go back to your school days.  So it may not be realistic for that to change overnight.    

With the right support and opportunity, I really do believe anyone can enjoy physical activity. 

Check out the inspiring stories page for examples of people who have found their love for movement.      

Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash

About me

Made Up to Move is run by Dr* Paula Watson. I'm a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council. With over 18 years experience in health behaviour change, I decided to leave my post in higher education so I could pursue my passion for helping others lead healthy lives.

My aim is to help you:
- understand how thoughts and feelings affect your exercise and eating behaviours
- learn healthy ways to change for good and maintain a healthy weight
- feel good about yourself and find enjoyment in movement

*Please note my Dr title does not denote a medical qualification. I obtained my doctorate through a PhD developing and evaluating a health behaviour change programme for children with obesity and their families (2012).


For individuals

I offer 1-to-1 psychology support via Zoom or "walk and talk". Please click the link below for further information and prices.

For professionals

I can offer workshops, webinars or consultancy to suit your organisation's needs (for either staff, clients or both). Please get in touch for an informal discussion or to refer clients for 1-to-1 support.

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