Inspirational Movers

Hearing others' stories can help us learn, grow and gain confidence to pursue our goals. Not least, stories can help us reflect on our own lives and provide the inspiration we need to take those first steps.

And for the story-sharers themselves, stories offer an important opportunity to reflect on their experiences and inspire others towards positive change.

In this story collection (which I shall keep adding to), I will introduce you to active people who inspire me.   Some I know well, some I have only recently met, but what they all share is a love for movement and passion for helping others.  

To write the stories, I met with each individual and asked them what movement means to them.  I then drafted the story and asked for their input to add/change anything they wished.  All have given permission for their stories to be published and have approved the final versions.  

These are everyday people.  Not celebrities, not elite athletes.  And for many of them physical activity hasn’t always come easy.   I hope they inspire you as much as they do me. 

“Do something every day, you’re never too old”

After meeting Sandra at parkrun, I was inspired by her energy, determination and positive approach. 

“Get that confidence, go out the front door…take that big step into your new life”

Dropping 12 stone and reversing his diabetes, walking has helped Kevin turn his life around.